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  QuYingBo(Qu Yingbo)male,amateurism Painter(Painter or Artist the neutral English name may be better),and in November,1947,was born,liaoning shenyang people.Now lives in Beijing.

  I love painting since youth,the primary school is grade 2 up to children's palace MeiShuZu,learning sketch and watercolor painting.In the teachers and LuMei under the guidance of teachers,skill made progress,and reading copy from many Soviet famous painter characters/scenery/still drawings,particularly impressive is,descriptive delicate strokes vivid Lenin portrait/socialist realistic themes figure painting/great vigour Russian natural scenery.In the process,I am deeply remember johan,suri cove,LieWeiTan,the sith gold and many other the name of the painter and the Soviet union beautiful courtyard and its teaching course Settings.At this stage makes me unforgettable is,1960 in liaoning industrial exhibition center for British watercolour original exhibition.From the 17th century to the middle of the 20th century,elegant unsurpassed by the watercolor depict natural scenery cityscape,in that no visual media s to impact is very large,it shook the man's heart,so that I am determined to use the brush clear catch the beauty of nature,make it become the eternal.After seven years of obsession efforts,in the junior middle school graduate school of LuMei enter oneself for an examination.

  Due to the army school admission priority,can't enter the LuMei study study,in the life the first crossing,took to the road of 22 years.Although with major in painting will be free from,but always adhere to the XiHua.In that s fit forces propaganda work,draw a lot of the workers and peasants and soldiers hero character image,as well as a great man like,using in the high mountains/island/sea/grasslands,SaiBei jiangnan wait for all sorts of geographical duty job opportunities drew many sketch.Have top pressure secretly painted some practice of human body structure.Use the opportunity to work in a big city,don't pass each important exhibition,necessary went to visit,conjecture exhibit painting skill and the trend of The Times.The youth enlist experience with no regret,it has tempered my body,created my soul.

  In the reform and opening up under the impact of social tide,from forces transferred to civilian work,full of curiosity engaged in the foreign trade,culture,science and technology exchange and investment industrial and so on the many kinds of work,also had overseas working experience.I have the chance to see many of the paintings at home and abroad,not only consider their respective painting techniques and value orientation,and at the same time,through the paintings also saw every painter heart.Nearly 10 years from the beginning of the creation of oil paintings,and it's not just to complete lifelong painter dream,also want to through the paintings speak mind,the pursuit of human beauty,exciting positive national spirit,restrain the negative and evil.

  Reform and opening up 30 years,the country has had the earth-shaking change,international is not steady.All these profound influence on every one,as a national citizens we not only enjoy the national development progress brought about by the happy life the achievement,also have the obligation to the revival of the motherland and stability to make their contribution,this is my drawing agent.Side changing scene,going on all sorts of things,the emergence of a variety of characters,are our theme.It was too much,painting and painting not over.In the painting forms involved in the hot life,is also a pleased thing.

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